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The freedom of our limitations

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A phenomenon that often occurs in my practice is that I have a week or sometimes longer when just about everybody who walks into my office seems to be experiencing the same theme.


As is my habit in times like these, I take it personally and start to work on my own life, and notice how “The Theme” applies to me.  I consider this a healthy habit for everyone who starts to notice a recurring theme in their lives, perhaps it is a communication to you for some closer attention.


The most recent theme has been ‘FREEDOM’.  Freedom from one or another undesirable state.


We all have an idea of what freedom means to us, and each person would have their definition of this.  For some it is financial, for others, just being able to choose what they do with their time daily, for some, it may be a case of being stuck in a job that they see no way out of or even a relationship in which they are trapped.


Whilst contemplating this idea of Freedom, and what it means, I was drawn to a book on my bookshelf.  Upon opening it, I read the following quote:


Desire is a resistance to being without, Resistance is the desire to be without.  At the root of both is longing.’ ~ Love Precious Humanity, the collected wisdom of Harry Palmer


At that moment the question of freedom made so much sense to me.  To seek freedom means that we have a desire for something other than what we have, resisting what we have is creating a desire for its opposite. 


So freedom from an undesirable state is not about resisting it, ignoring it, or pushing it away, Freedom comes from fully experiencing it, finding the value of the financial limitations, the entrapment of the relationship, and the un-stimulating working environment.  As one of my most wonderful mentors often says ‘embracing the pain’.  Through embracing it, and the willingness to be honest with oneself comes insight into why it is there in the first place.


I have often commented that if one were to honestly look at why you don’t have that which you desire, and consider your feelings in the process, this may well be the best way to start creating it.  For with the insight comes the acceptance, and in return, release to experience fully.


An incredible paradox occurred once I had clarified all these concepts.  Once we have unpacked all these factors of pain, desire, and resistance all in the pursuit of freedom, we may then consciously choose the keep our shackles.  For often it is in the predictability of our lives that we feel safe.

Allowing ourselves freedom is not for the faint-hearted, one needs to be very brave to face our truths, and experience ourselves as more.


I will leave you with one more quote from the collected works of Harry Palmer,


‘Enlightenment is the discovery of eternity in the present moment


Go forth and embrace your limitations, after all, you put them there for your higher learning, don’t waste your time and energy by rejecting them.  You will only make it stronger J



I had the privilege of doing a one on one session with Rozelle. The reason for me going wise that I felt stuck and needed some clarity on how to get myself out of the rut that I was in. In a one hour session, Rozelle guided me through some processes, gave me some tips. We had a few laughs, and I can honestly say the tools that I was given on how to notice triggers and disarm them really helped me open up myself for new possibilities. Today not even a full week later things started changing for the positive and I truly believe it is linked. Thank you Rozelle for helping and guiding me into 2023. I truly recommend a session with Rozelle



I recently had the pleasure of working with Rozelle as my life coach, and I cannot recommend her enough. From the moment I met her, I could tell that she truly cared about me and my well-being. Her kind, compassionate nature and ability to truly connect with me made her the perfect person to help me navigate some of the challenges I was facing.

One of the things that stood out to me about Rozelle was her unique ability to help me see things from a different perspective. She helped me to redefine the way I approached life, and provided me with effective strategies to make positive changes in my life. Her guidance was invaluable, and I am truly grateful for the time we spent together.

If you are looking for a life coach who will truly make a difference in your life, look no further than Rozelle. She is a gifted individual who truly cares about the well-being of her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life..



Rozelle is a brilliant Life Coach I would definitely refer her to anyone I know. Her approach is very interactive and she’s always on speed dial. I honestly believe we all need a life coach like her #period!



Rozelle offers a professional and compassionate service. I found her to be completely relatable and it was refreshing that she was down to earth and willing to see me for more than I could see myself. I would highly recommend her service.



“ The results of our actions are our intentions manifested ”

- Rozelle Pilling

“ The results of our actions are our intentions manifested ”

- Rozelle Pilling


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