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During the recent December holidays over the New Year.  I went on a trip to Sutherland in the heart of the Karoo.  As a child, I spent a little bit of time there, and one of my most amazing memories of this place was the night sky.  I remember walking outside one evening and looking up at an incredible sky filled with stars.  There were so many and so bright, that it felt as though I could just reach up and pick one out of the sky. 


My recent trip happens during a ‘Blue Moon.  As a result of the blue moon, the moon dominated the sky.  It was truly as though the light was turned on, so the stars were not visible at all. 


I lay on the grass looking up at the sky, I remembered the awesomeness of the millions of stars I saw that night, comparing that memory to the evening of the Blue moon, and noticing just how few were visible.  I could look deeply into the nothingness of the night sky.  I realized that what I was looking into was space, the universe, I closed my eyes and allowed my awareness to travel beyond the place where I was laying, I felt myself lift off the ground as I imagined what it would be like to be up there, in all this nothingness.  As I moved up higher and higher, and as everything below me became smaller and smaller eventually it completely disappeared, I started to feel alone.  I was aware of absolutely nothing around me.  I even became aware that during this meditation, I had left my body behind, and all I could identify myself with was a single thought that I was floating around the galaxy somewhere, not as a body or a person, but just as this thought.


The thought was simply that somewhere down there, there was a physical manifestation that I occupy, and at this moment, if felt so far away, it was insignificant.   The more aware I became of the nothingness around me, the less connected I was to everything that I experienced as Rozelle.  At that moment, it was the most liberating experience.  I realized how comfortable I was in this space of absolute nothingness, I started to realize that just as I – at that moment in time – was just a thought, so was everything else that I conceptualize in the physical. 


With this idea, I became aware that the reason I experience the world as physical was that this is the only way I can experience myself.  Without the physical world around me, I am nothing, I am just a thought.  I can't experience myself to my full potential without other, ‘thought’ around me, without, the interconnectedness of other ‘thoughts’ creating this consensual reality that we all occupy to experience ourselves to our full potential. 


I then started to reconnect with my body, started to re-identify as this person I call Rozelle, and as this started happening, I started becoming aware of more and more objects around me.  Planets, stars, mountains, trees, people, starting to feel the sensation of my body laying on the grass.  I also realized that as I reconnected with my body, I started filling with emotion.  It dawned on me, that emotion was part of being physical, and it is triggered by things and people within this consensual reality that we all create.  I also realized that emotions are what make me feel alive.


I have often heard it said that we create our universe, and everything in it, even ourselves.  It was at this moment when that idea/philosophy became very real to me.  I started looking at aspects of my life that triggered both undesirable and desirable responses, and felt, wow, this is all mine, I am nothing without it.


Being empowered by taking this responsibility for my existence and all the ‘stuff’ I bring with it, has created a new sense of enjoyment for life within me. 


It is this realization that brought me to an understanding of why I was here, incarnated on this planet.  It was just to EXPERIENCE myself most awesomely.




I had the privilege of doing a one on one session with Rozelle. The reason for me going wise that I felt stuck and needed some clarity on how to get myself out of the rut that I was in. In a one hour session, Rozelle guided me through some processes, gave me some tips. We had a few laughs, and I can honestly say the tools that I was given on how to notice triggers and disarm them really helped me open up myself for new possibilities. Today not even a full week later things started changing for the positive and I truly believe it is linked. Thank you Rozelle for helping and guiding me into 2023. I truly recommend a session with Rozelle



I recently had the pleasure of working with Rozelle as my life coach, and I cannot recommend her enough. From the moment I met her, I could tell that she truly cared about me and my well-being. Her kind, compassionate nature and ability to truly connect with me made her the perfect person to help me navigate some of the challenges I was facing.

One of the things that stood out to me about Rozelle was her unique ability to help me see things from a different perspective. She helped me to redefine the way I approached life, and provided me with effective strategies to make positive changes in my life. Her guidance was invaluable, and I am truly grateful for the time we spent together.

If you are looking for a life coach who will truly make a difference in your life, look no further than Rozelle. She is a gifted individual who truly cares about the well-being of her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life..



Rozelle is a brilliant Life Coach I would definitely refer her to anyone I know. Her approach is very interactive and she’s always on speed dial. I honestly believe we all need a life coach like her #period!



Rozelle offers a professional and compassionate service. I found her to be completely relatable and it was refreshing that she was down to earth and willing to see me for more than I could see myself. I would highly recommend her service.



“ The results of our actions are our intentions manifested ”

- Rozelle Pilling

“ The results of our actions are our intentions manifested ”

- Rozelle Pilling


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